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In March of 2014, National Public Radio (NPR) paid a visit to Old Rehoboth. In a piece that was featured in only the second episode ever of a series called "Faith on the Coast", the past, present and future of this historic congregation were sketched out. The broadcast aired on March 14th and 15th on affiliate stations in Ocean City, Maryland and Washington, DC. The on-site producer and host of "Coastal Connections" is Bryan Russo and the initial contact was through Tara Boyle, in the D.C office. The total reach was estimated via Arbitron Radio Metro statistics at approximately 5 million people. Follow this link to the archived audio at WAMU 88.3FM.




In July of 2012, the British Broadcasting Coporation (BBC) sent a crew to Old Rehoboth. In a segment detailing the life and legacy of the Rev. Francis Makemie, the clergyman from Northern Ireland who would become known as "The Father of American Presbyterianism", the exterior, interior, and worship of this storied church were recorded. The broadcast hit the domestic (U.K.) airwaves on BBC4 in 2013 to a potential audience of approximately 25 million viewers but has not been aired in the United States. A clip will soon appear on this page that was taken from a digital copy of the work provided to the church by the producers as a token of their appreciation for our assistance in making their documentary on the history of Irish Protestantism, "An Independent People".




Several books and articles have been written about Old Rehoboth. A list is being compiled and formatted and some of the information will be appearing here in the very near future.