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Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Some slices of Old Rehoboth Community Life:


The Cornerstone

We are readily aware that any church, even one as historic as this one, does not exist for itself. "Man(kind)'s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever." (Answer #1 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism) - Jesus Christ is our sure foundation.



People come expecting to have an encounter with the Holy. It has been said of this unique place that here you can feel the presence of that "great cloud of witnesses" which have praised the Lord from within these very walls for over three centuries.



As servants of Jesus the Lord, we are not to live for ourselves, but more fully and gratefully for him. As such, we seek to follow his teaching and example to love God and our neighbors...and to be our brother's (and sister's) keeper.



We draw comfort and strength from the Holy Spirit and often it is mediated through one another. We were created to be in community and we often gather outside of our worship service to celebrate the gift of our life together.

At Old Rehoboth Church, we've got a story to tell...

"This little sketch is sent forth with the purpose of arousing in Presbyterian hearts a greater interest in a church which has well been called "The Mother of Ten Thousand Churches." The American Presbyterian Church can never repay the debt of gratitude she owes to Francis Makemie. The founder of our church in this country has gone to claim a brighter reward than any earthly crown. The little church he organized, built, loved, minisdtered to, and sought to provide for even after his death, is with us still, and should not be suffered to die of neglect." -from the Preface to his "Rehoboth By the River: Sketch of the Ancient Presbyterian Church at Rehoboth, MD", published in 1897 by the Rev. John Simonson Howk, D.D.

Our enduring story is about God and God's people who have been called to be witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ on the Eastern Shore and beyond since the 17th century.

We continue to seek out new ways to tell the old, old story. We continue to seek those who will join with us to help us write the next chapter. It is our sincere hope and prayer whether you are close by or a half a world away, that the Holy Spirit would aid you in discerning what role may be in store for you in our mission, God's mission, through Old Rehoboth Church.